Social Media

Social Media

Social media management and marketing is an invaluable tool business can leverage to grow their outreach and engagement capacity. A strong social media presence is not only an essential lead generation tool, but it also functions as a brand authentication for potential customers.

The greatest tool in the reputation management sphere is a positive social media presence. Maintaining an engaging platform is a key ingredient to a successful social media strategy. Social media is most effective when you adhere to its fundamental premise, which is to be social. Social media is a fantastic communication tool and should be used to directly interact with existing and potential customers.


My social media strategy is always centred around network growth, campaigns and content. I measure the performance of this strategy by monitoring metrics and tracking engagement levels. I also conduct thorough audience research and employ specific marketing outreach tools to ensure that your social media campaigns and content is accessible to the right people. I believe in using a balanced mix of both paid and organic content. I’m selective about the paid platforms I use and always have your ROI in mind.

My Strategy

Market Research

I track your current engagement levels and those of your target audience. I then formulate a social media strategy accordingly.

Network Growth

Social media success comes from being noticed by the right people. I ensure you are connected with relevant industry communities and networks and foster relationships with influencers and stakeholders.

Implement Strategy

I launch your campaigns, formulate the content and manage your social media presence.

Track Engagement

I set up a KPI dashboard to measure your social media metrics. This allows me to modify the strategy where required.

Ongoing Support

I continue to monitor and manage your social media platforms long after the end of a campaign and continue to plan for the future.