Setting up Instagram shoppable ads for Magento 2: DIY

Setting up Instagram shoppable ads for Magento 2: DIY

The Instagram advertising ecosystem is relatively the new buzzword in the world of global digitalization. Launched in 2010, Instagram has now remarkably established itself as a crucial social media marketing channel. Today, companies are using Instagram’s core feature, content visualization, to drive growth by selling their products and services directly through Instagram. Therefore, the most effective marketing tactic of setting up Instagram shoppable ads is prevailing in the industry. Therefore, big industrial giants spend millions of dollars on Instagram shopping ads. However, startups and SMBs are always interested to uncover new ways to pursue budget-friendly social media marketing plans for setting up the Instagram ads.

To help you to set up Instagram shoppable ads yourself,  we thought on telling you the way how professionals do. Let’s tell you how to set-up Instagram shoppable ads for Magento 2!

It is a product feed extension that benefits businesses to promote their products or services at cost-effective prices as well as gain vital ROIs. Not only does Magento 2 product feed extension helps you get recognition through Instagram ads but also boosts product feed on other shopping engines. The biggest advantage is that you can do it yourself without spending an extra penny on hiring a third-party digital marketing agency.

Here are the five important Do It Yourself (DIY) steps that one must follow for setting up Instagram shoppable ads for  Magento 2.

Step 1 – is to set up Product feed on Magento 2

NOTE: You can use one of the following methods, I prefer Mageplaza plugin in as it has more filters

MagePlaza Plugin

  1. Ready to use feed templates: Product Feed templates are pre-made by Mageplaza to befit all specifications of the marketing platform shopping advertisement trait.
  2. Customizable feed templates: Product Feed templates are made from scratch so that you can promote your products or services on marketing channels.
  3. Rule-based product filters: Automatically adding products which meet special contingencies to the feed. The products are filtered concerning only special attributes like size, category, colour etc.
  4. Actively fast data feed delivery: Using new technology, Magento 2 Product Feed by Mageplaza supports distributing product feeds automatically to various promoting platforms.

INSTALLATION: Magento 2 Extension


We are frequently asked “how to install Magento 2′. So, here’s a viable answer to this. There are three approaches to install Magento 2 extensions from Mageplaza.

Approach  #1: Ready to paste
Approach #2: Install via Composer
Approach #3: Install via Magento Marketplace

NOTE: If in any case, you need technical support, connect with Mageplaza Helpdesk.

Step 2 – connect Instagram page to Facebook

To add an already existing Instagram account to your Facebook Page, you must follow the following procedure:


NOTE: You need to be an admin of a Facebook Page and convert your personal Instagram account into an Instagram professional account.

  1. Login to your Facebook profile
  2. Go to your Facebook Page.
  3. From the Top of your page, click on the menu bar.
  4. Open Settings.
  5. Click on “LINK Account”
  6. Select Instagram.
  7. LogIn To add an existing Instagram account to connect it with your Facebook Page
  8. Enter your Instagram account’s Username and Password.

Your Instagram account and Facebook page are successfully connected now. With this, if you have created an ad for Facebook Page, your Instagram account will automatically display the same advertisement on Instagram. In addition to this, you can now easily manage your comments for Instagram from your Facebook page.

Step 3-  create a product feed through one of the above Magento extensions


STEPS TO FOLLOW: Adding Products to the feed

  1. Select an appropriate feed format that best suits your business and includes products into the feed.
  2. Set the prices and adjust other product attributes for each feed using custom fields and modifiers.
  3. Automate the generation process to make it easy to manage and operate as well as fasten the process.
  4. Get compliant with Platform shopping program requirements.
  5. Maintain and track all feeds on the grid


Step 4 – Connect feed with Facebook

NOTE: To create ads on a Facebook page, make sure to set up an account in Ads Manager. Also, set up a business manager to easily access and manage the Catalog.

  1.       Go to Catalog Manager.
  2.       Choose Create Catalog.
  3.       Select the catalog type (most suitable for your business)
  4.       For example: Pick either E-commerce, Travel, Real Estate or Auto.
  5.       Click on Next button
  6.       Select how you want to add inventory items to your catalog.
  7.       To add items from Product feed from Magento 2 select Connect E-commerce Platform to add items straight from the platform.
  8.       Enter a relevant name for your catalog so you can identify it later.
  9.       Select Create.
  10.   You have a new catalog and you’re ready to add items.
  11.   After you create your catalog, you can add items from your inventory:  Magento 2 product feed.
  12.   After you add items to your catalog, you can use your catalog to create ads, set up shopping on Instagram and set up a shop on your Facebook Page.


Step 5 – Link Facebook catalog to your Instagram business page

Follow the following steps to Set Up Shopping on Instagram with Catalog Manager:


NOTE: Shopping on Instagram currently only works with e-commerce catalogs. Make sure your business compiles with merchant agreement and commerce policies.

  1.       Go To Catalog Manager.
  2.       Pick the catalog you want to use. This would shift you to the Diagnostics page for the selected catalog.
  3.       Go to “More Ways to Use Your Catalog”.
  4.       Choose Instagram Shopping.
  5.       Choose Connect Your Instagram Business Profile.
  6.       Now Select Connect Account.

Your Instagram business account is now successfully connected with the catalog.

  • Go to your profile’s settings
  • Select Business
  • Choose Shopping on Instagram


You must proceed with the following steps to submit your account for review. Also, you’ll be required to complete the setup for Instagram Shopping in the Instagram app. It will take a few days for Instagram to show products where you can tag them on posts.


 So, this is the entire process that one must follow step by step to set up Instagram shoppable ads at affordable prices without any help of a marketing agency. Since Instagram is used worldwide, it could help your business to increase conversions by extending your customer base. Also, the smart Magento 2 Product Feed extension aids in eliminating manual product feeds management which avoids the time-consuming cumbersome process. According to a recent statistical report, 75% of users take action on Instagram ads. Therefore, improve your brand awareness by setting up Instagram shoppable ads that would maximize your business profit.

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