Paid Search

Paid Search

Paid search or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) encompasses individual practices such as PPC and Google ads. An SEM strategy can ensure that you are one step ahead of your competitors in generating leads and influencing conversions. There is no better tool than PPC and Google Ads for local businesses looking to connect with their community or companies looking to retarget interested users. I work with your business to manage and create PPC and Google Ad campaigns that generate real results.


Optimise Your Online Presence With SEM


Pay Per Click advertising is a cost-effective tool to build brand awareness and directly convert users into customers. The pay per click system means you only pay when someone actively engages with the ad. PPC is also unique in its ability to be highly targeted and specific. This is a great way to retarget undecided customers or familiarise an active user with your brand.

Google Ads

The objective of any SEM professional is to place your business in front of audiences who are actively interested in your product or service. As a PPC expert, I can ensure cohesion across your SEM & SEO strategy and use data to guarantee precision and accuracy when targeting your audience.

An Effective SEM Approach Will Make Your Business Accessible

An all-encompassing SEM strategy makes your business visible and accessible to a lot more people. By incorporating SEM and SEO, your businesses visibility will skyrocket. People may be able to see your business multiple times on their SERPs, increasing their familiarity with your brand. This awareness can be converted into real sales using a PPC retargeting strategy.