LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is home to the largest community of professionals. It not only functions as a way to authenticate your business but is a great platform for content circulation and outreach. LinkedIn remains an underestimated digital marketing tool, especially in its B2B capacity. LinkedIn is a ready-made way to tap into customers and connections. That’s why it’s the number one network for lead generation.

LinkedIn has a distinctive audience and as such your marketing approach should reflect this. It’s important to develop content for LinkedIn with this in mind. It’s also integral to manage your LinkedIn business profile carefully. Treat it like a proxy shop-front as it represents your business in the professional sphere. I leverage the high engagement levels of LinkedIn to optimise lead generation and conversions. I also work to expand your LinkedIn network and develop relationships with relevant stakeholders.


LinkedIn is leading the way with their latest advertising innovation aimed at retargeting visitors in your sales funnel. I can help to leverage this paid function to your advantage. I reinforce my LinkedIn strategy with paid ads, promoted posts and audience insights.

The Steps


I examine your current presence, engagement levels and performance to best determine a strategy. I do thorough audience analysis and work your LinkedIn strategy with a broader digital marketing goal.


I formulate a strategy for lead generation, engagement and brand awareness.

Finalise Profile

I ensure your business page is representative of your brand. This includes securing your URL, managing employee profiles and building your network.


Content reigns king on LinkedIn. It's where content is being consumed the most. I set up a content schedule in the form of a LinkedIn blog to establish your business as a leading thinker in your field. I use content to develop authority and brand awareness.

Paid Services

I optimise LinkedIn's paid functions to target, reach and retarget users in your sales funnel.


I continue to monitor performance using a KPI dashboard.