How Small Business Owners Capitalise On Digital Marketing?

How Small Business Owners Capitalise On Digital Marketing?

It’s the perpetual question facing business owners, how do I capitalise on marketing tools whilst still achieving ROI? The digital age has heralded in new ways of reaching potential customers, eliminating the need to spend big bucks on targeting broad demographics. Marketing is no longer just a tool that big businesses can capitalise on, in fact, smaller businesses are increasingly reaping the benefits of digital tools.

Small businesses are able to leverage data like never before. This data is then used to target with laser precision, smaller, more relevant audiences at relatively cheaper rates. This makes digital marketing more cost-effective and accessible for small businesses when compared to traditional forms of promotion, think coupons, TV, radio and mail.

In the current landscape, businesses big and small are investing in their digital presence to grow and scale their business. As marketing evolves, as should your business’ digital strategy. Here are some of the ways your business can capitalise on digital marketing techniques:


SEOSEO remains the name of the game when it comes to digital marketing. Not only does it allow you to stay ahead of your competition but it targets your audience at their point of action, that being when they are searching for your product or service. SEO refers to the ranking of your website in Google’s search results. Visibility in Google’s search results remains key to driving traffic back to your website.

An influx in website traffic will inexorably increase your capacity to convert visitors into customers. SEO is a long-term investment into your business and will continue to garner your results long after your ad campaign stops. I like to think about a business’ search engine ranking as authentication or a digital tick of approval, it’s important to set aside an allocated amount of your monthly budget to maintaining and increasing this digital verification.

Local SEO:

Did you know that over 40% of all searches are now localised? Local SEO practices directly link searches in your community to your business. It’s a more targeted form of search that is quickly dominating SERPs.

An effective local SEO strategy will include technical optimisation and a firm focus on link-building, reviews, content and website localisation.


A solid content marketing strategy is the cornerstone of any successful digital approach. Content marketing can include anything from website blogs, articles and newsletters to ensuring the content on your landing pages are optimised and SEO-friendly. Content helps to assign authority to your website and subsequently your business as a whole.

Blogs, articles and newsletters all function to position your business as a leading thinker in your field. This not only strengthens the value Google assigns to your site but also the trust that a potential customer feels towards your brand, which can directly influence purchase decisions. A successful content strategy is integral to maintaining an effective SEO, UX and Social Media plan.


PPCPay-per-click advertising is a fantastic resource that business’ can use to get quick, quality results. Implementing PPC into your SEO plan or digital strategy overall will boost your business’ online presence. The best part? You only pay when you get results, making ROI an achievable goal.

PPC ads are displayed at the top of the search engine, in the paid section of Google’s SERPs. Complimenting your SEO plan with a PPC strategy is a sure-fire way to see results, quickly. Making these two approaches work harmoniously together is not only cost-effective but will also double your digital visibility.

Social Media:

Social Media

Social media is an incredible digital marketing tool that can be extremely cost-effective if used correctly. Not only does it provide an invaluable way to directly interact and communicate with your audience but a positive social media presence has been proven to influence purchase decisions.

Facebook remains the most used social network and has a population of over 2 billion users. This provides an opportunity for targeting and outreach that simply cannot be overlooked. Facebook also has the most targeted form of advertising out there, with the ability to specifically direct your ads based on location, age, interests and behaviour.

LinkedIn is also a social network that has some serious marketing clout. The professional network is making a name for itself in its ability to generate leads and connect businesses. If you’re a B2B business, LinkedIn is where you need to be. Leverage the high engagement level with high-quality content and formulate an outreach strategy to develop meaningful business relationships.

Formulating a successful social media strategy can often come down to regular posting and engagement. This means having an effective content plan to foster engagement and position your brand as an industry leader. The advertising component to social media platforms is useful, but should not be the only reason you utilise them. My tip? Be sure to balance your social media presence out with a healthy mix of both organic and paid posts.

Picking The Right Partner

It’s one thing to know the digital principles that dictate your online presence, but quite another to implement them effectively. When considering ways to harness digital marketing for your business, it’s imperative to formulate a digital strategy that is specifically suited to the needs and objectives of your business. Finding the right digital ally to help you to navigate this space is crucial to this process. It’s important to find people that care about your business’s success and have the tools and experience to get you there.

I’ve been working to facilitate business objectives for well over a decade now and have an acute understanding of the growth-hacking tools required to scale and grow businesses. I’ve discovered that when it comes to digital marketing, it’s important to lead with a data-driven approach in order to see results. By adopting a performance-orientated method, I’ve had considerable success in helping businesses grow and enhance their online presence.

Ralph Kalsi Consultancy is a digital ally you can count on. From SEO, PPC and Social Media to Web Development & E-Commerce solutions, we customise the latest digital tools to meet your business objectives. If you want real results and a digital partner that thinks outside the box, look no further.

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