Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook continues to gain the number one spot when it comes to social media networks. With the biggest population on earth, it’s the place where people connect and share online. In a business sense, Facebook presents a great opportunity for network growth and brand building.

Maintaining a strong Facebook presence through regular posts, video and content will work to keep your customers engaged whilst also attracting a wider audience base. Facebook is primarily an interaction tool and should be used as such. It’s one of the best outreach methods there is and can be used to directly target people interested in your business.


I am experienced in Facebook marketing combine a mix of paid and organic content to achieve the best results. I formulate a Facebook strategy based around your broader marketing objectives and continue to track your Facebook performance for further success. In addition to Facebook management in the form of promoted content, posts and videos, I also utilise Facebook’s paid advertising services to optimise your outreach capacity.

How It Works


I do thorough research into your industry, competitors and target market. I then work with you to develop a strategy based on your marketing and campaign objectives.

Facebook Management

I set you up for success by ensuring your Facebook page is installed with the latest software and analytical tools.

Network Growth

I grow your network by making connections with relevant communities and pages. I foster relationships with bloggers and influencers to promote your business.

Paid Outreach

I employ a range of paid tools such as Facebook ads, Sponsored stories and Promoted posts. I also use Facebook Exchange as a retargeting tool.

Track Metrics

I measure the performance of your posts, ads and overall engagement levels. I use a KPI dashboard to keep track of your outreach capabilities.