Digital Marketing Tips For Start-Ups

Tips and tricks to make your start-up stand out from the crowd

From humble start-ups to the giants of the corporate world, every business will inevitably use some form of digital marketing to substantiate their brand. In our ever-changing digitized world, businesses are increasingly having to adapt to the latest in technological advancements. A successful digital marketing strategy facilitates meaningful business growth objectives like leads, conversions, sales and overall revenue. Building your brand’s online presence and reputation is an integral step in establishing your start-up. Visibility is half the battle when starting a business and there is no better place to make an impact than in the digital world. Here are the top digital marketing tools to harness for optimum business growth.

Prioritise UX


UX is an essential digital marketing tool to optimise brand reputation, SEO and of course audience satisfaction. In our modern technical landscape, business website function as a proxy shopfront. In fact, the experience a person has on your website will likely set the tone for their impression of your business overall. The level of mobile compatibility, slow load times and difficult to navigate websites generally lead to reduced audience satisfaction. Poor UX effects a business’s ability to generate leads and sales and might even impact on your brand reputation overall. Investing wisely in the development and design of your website will guarantee leads for a long time to come. In this digital orientated age delivering a flawless customer experience means having a seamless website experience and prioritising usability.

Creative Content

crative content

Content is arguably the most fundamental aspect of any digital marketing strategy. After all, the internet itself was borne out of the desire to share and absorb content. Since then, not much has changed. Audiences engage with content every single day and a sure fire way to get people to start paying attention to your business is to curate content that they’re interested in. Content marketing helps to establish your business as a leading think-tank in your field, which is especially pertinent to start-ups wanting to make their mark. Content marketing also compliments other digital practices such as SEO and UX.

Increasingly, search engines are rewarding high-quality, informative content in their ranking hierarchy. Content in the form of blogs, articles or case studies works to build trust and rapport with your audience, and in turn, helps to authenticate your brand. For start-ups, building this relationship is essential in having a successful long term digital presence. Pro tip: share your blogs and articles on LinkedIn to establish yourself within the professional community.



SEO and UX go hand in hand. Once your website is optimised and user-friendly, it’s time to start directing traffic to your site. This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into your digital marketing strategy. SEO refers to the ranking hierarchy dictated by search engines and is determined by multiple factors such as UX, content, search relevancy and keywords. SEO is a constantly evolving landscape that requires constant monitoring and modification as Google continually updates its ranking formula and algorithms.

Without your website, being search engine optimized the prospect of brand invisibility becomes more likely. SEO functions to give businesses visibility at the moment of action, meaning when users are specifically searching for your product or service. The increase in traffic that SEO facilitates gives you more of an opportunity to convert browsers into buyers, influencing your overall metrics.


social media blog

Social media is a cost-effective, engaging and vital medium to interact with your audience. Not only does a positive social media presence work to authenticate your business, but it also has been proven to have a direct effect on purchase decisions, which is especially helpful in converting those undecided customers. While social media can function as an effective advertising tool, it’s important to also abide by the fundamental premise which is to be social.

Social media is a great way to directly communicate and interact with your audience. It’s a place for sharing, connecting and networking. Social media is often the first interface someone will have with your business, meaning first impressions count. Optimise your social media presence with regular content, engaging visuals and videos.

In the ultra-competitive world of start-ups, employing a range of comprehensive digital marketing tools is essential to making your business stand out from the crowd. Garnering that all important web traffic, leads, conversions and engagement levels are an integral aspect of starting a successful business, and a positive online presence will benefit your brand reputation for a long time to come. While a lot of digital marketing tools are accessible and able to be managed by businesses themselves, consulting agency professionals is always valuable in perfecting the more complex aspects and ensuring a return on your digital investments.

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