Content Marketing

Content that Drives Business Growth

Relevant, compelling content is the key to the trust and loyalty of your audience. Attracting the right audience is all about curating the right content. The content reflects the values of your business and can be used to build brand authority. Most people turn to content to entertain, inform and validate their thoughts, decisions and actions. Therefore, knowledge-based content is integral in influencing the behaviour of your audience. I’m committed to formulating authoritative content that helps your business to make an impact. By incorporating creativity, knowledge and expertise, content is a valuable tool to inform purchase decisions and subsequently drive conversions.


Here’s My Content Strategy

Identify Target Audience

Content must always adhere to a broader business strategy that works to increase exposure and influence sales. I collaborate with you to understand your business, industry and broader digital marketing objectives. I then formulate a thorough audience analysis to further understand their digital behaviour and more extensively their interests and values. Only once this analysis is completed can we begin to develop content that aligns with the values of your audience This ensures that from the get-go, your content will resonate with your target audience.

Content Creation

With a great understanding of the digital space, I am able to formulate specialised content for a range of digital platforms. From blogs, articles, case studies, social media, video and email content, I believe in putting the right content on the right channels, all inbuilt with SEO, UX and SEM. I concentrate on making the content accessible and varied and use digital tools like video and infographics to optimise it. Share-ability is always at the centre of what I do, so all content is enhanced for social and digital accessibility.


Without adequate distribution and amplification, your content remains in the shadows of the internet. I use data-driven insights to distribute and magnify content so it's on the right platforms. Continued audience analysis allows us to distribute the content on relevant networks. Additionally, I am able to build links with relevant digital publishers, influencers and bloggers to further the reach and visibility of your content.